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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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02/21/2007 9:24 PM
A long weekend.

My weekend was a very long one. Not because I had three days off, but because of all the running around I did. Normally my weekends are my "down time". I have no problem running errands during the week, but when the weekend comes the most I want to do is light house cleaning and laundry. I have two days to do nothing and I use those two days doing "nothing". I am just not an out going person. Maybe when I move I might "go out" more since I will be fairly close to both malls and I do miss window shopping, but I am very content staying at home and growing roots in front of my TV or computer.

This weekend was different. I was on a mission and that was a Costco run for food and to buy a washer/dryer. I ended up going later on Saturday then planned and after going to both Lowes and Best Buy it turned out that Best Buy did not live up to their name. For the same washer/dryer it would be about 100-150 more then Lowes. I was pretty glad since I have a huge dislike for Best Buy that goes back about 5 years. Maybe I'll write about it some other time.

By the time we were done it was pretty late at night and we were both hungry. Since we never got to go out for our anniversary, I still had stitches at the time, we decided to go. To the Olive Garden we went. Like always there was a massive amount of people waiting outside. So we quickly left. Waiting 30+ minutes for good, but not amazing or great food isn't something we do.

After a while we decided on Chinese, but where? Since we were in the neighborhood I decided to take him to a place we've never gone together before. Some co-workers of mine took me there when we did an all girl luncheon and the food was great. There's one woman sitting and we're told 20-25 minutes. Wasn't what I was hoping for, but it would work. After 30 and seeing people being seated before us I finally asked how much longer. I was told "20-25 minutes". Well I no longer believed her so then I asked how many people in front of us. She told me four more groups. It took about 30 minutes to seat 2 groups before I asked so we'd be waiting probably an hour before we could eat! How the hell does that equal 20-25 minutes? Is that just an automated response when someone asks? Liar liars pants on fire! I told her to cross off our name and we quickly left.

Finally I picked another place and we ended up at the Ting Dynasty. I really love the place since the food is very good, the prices are reasonable and what's better then good company, food and being able to see a bunch of pretty boy Asian bussers? XD hehe

It was a very nice dinner, but then the dreaded subject of Naruto came up. You see I quit watching the show around episode 103 since my boyfriend was ahead of me saying they were doing fillers like there was no tomorrow. (They did like 75ish filler episodes.) Well they are finally back on track and he wants to watch it with me again which means I need to catch up and somewhat fast. He's been reminding me for the past two weeks, but I've put it off since I haven't been in the mood. Well I finally decided to appease him and started to watch like a woman with a mission. Below are my thoughts on the episodes I've watched. If you are interested just highlight the text. I have made it the same color as my background since it does contain what I would consider spoilers. :)

In the past three days I have watched from episode 100 to episode 135, or was it 136…the one where the fight between Sasuke and Naruto finish. Ok I have some questions that I would love answered. I can't remember names very well so I have given character's nicknames, Troublesome, Shy Pocket Asian, Somethingeji, Puppet master, Fan girl, Scroll weapon girl, Bones, Freak and Uni-sex flute.

1) So why did the Troublesome guy only gather a hand full of people? Seriously is he just that stupid? The leader chick said to gather AS MANY as he could! How the hell does that equal a handful? I can think of at least two other people he could have taken with him that weren't raised to cwhatever rank. Scroll weapon girl could have helped and so could have the Shy Pocket Asian. Sure the Shy Pocket Asian's powers were duplicated by her more powerful cousin, but she could still have been useful. When you're going on a hunt down and drag back mission you don't pick one of each! I mean Chouji could have really used her help! I asked my boyfriend and he said he did fine. Fine my ass. He had to use all three pills to take on the guy and ended up totally worn out and shit.

2) Part of the end of Uni-sex Flute flue was cut off. The sound an instrument like that makes would change if that happened, especially since it was cut on an angle. When she used it again it sounded exactly the same. WTF!

3) Was 2-1/2 episodes of flashback to Sasuke's childhood REALLY necessary? Seriously, was it? By the end I wanted to kill his whole clan for torturing me with his whiny crap life. (Out of all the episodes I watched those made time stand still.) Of course I sat through the whole damn thing since my boyfriend said it would be important later. Important my ass. There was ONE thing that was important and it was said and done in 10 minutes tops. Not only that but there were flashbacks in the flashback! That's just not right, especially when it the flashback is flashing back to what happened a few minutes ago in the flashback! /screams

3) Flashbacks. I'm not talking about refresher ones or the one where yes bits and part of Sasuke's childhood needed to be shared (just not that long of one), but where they would flash back go back for a few seconds so the other person could say one line and then flash back to the same God damn flashback! We just saw it for the love of FRED! They would do this on end and I wondered to myself, "Is this the filler hell my boyfriend told me of?"

4) Naruto has the 9 tail fox demon inside of him. Sasuke was bitten by Freak and then put in a barrel and sealed for the second transformation. How was their fight better then Gaara vs. Bones? There were four other people who went through the transformation that Sasuke did who were Freak's bodyguards and were easily beat down by Puppet master, Fan girl, Somethingeji and Chouji. (By the way I think Gaara just kicks such major ass. He's my all time favorite character of the whole series. Everyone else can die for all I care. He just so rocks! <3 ) My boyfriend said that the fight between Sasuke and Naruto would be really great, but to me it just didn't really compare. I mean Naruto has the 9 tail fox demon in him. Gaara is just Gaara of the Desert, someone who can control sand while Bones can not only change his bone structure, but also harden it to harder then steel and pretty much had an endless supply of bones.

5) Honestly Naruto is all talk. He threatened to break Sasuke's arms and legs and drag him back and did he? Hell no, pussy. His whole mission was to bring him back and who is left standing when all is said and done? That's right Sasuke. Naruto has the chakra of the 9 tail fox demon who could not be killed by the 4th H-leader guys and was sealed inside his body! He was kicking major butt! Naruto was able to quickly heal the hole in his body from Sasuke's sparkly orb electric thingy so what gives? Naruto is out cold for a long time, far enough for the scent of Sasuke to leave for the talking dog to not be able to track him, imagine that... /rolls eyes And why did Sasuke leave? He made a promise to Naruto.

I am just over all pissed at the series. Naruto should be many times over stronger then Sasuke. Sakura is just a big ol' pussy who after everything's that's happened to them still hasn't trained very much since she's still the same gimp. I haven't seen the Shy Pocket Asian in such a long time, she's another favorite. Gaara doesn't get enough time on air. Flashbacks, oh for the love of all things good and holy I hope they stop putting them in so often. For some odd reason I'm slightly concerned over the brown bird at the end of the fight between the spider guy and Somethingeji. I mean that poor bird lost like 12 feathers in such a short time. I hope nothing's wrong with it. On the bright side since I also was on Blogmad.net while watching all of these episodes I now have over 1200 credits. XD Yeah I'll be taking a break from Naruto. I think I'll watch some Tokyo Juliet drama I downloaded. I really like it and haven't been able to watch it in a while.


Thanks for the help in the forum. You brought up some valid points. I really appreciate it.
» kKAMa67 on 2007-02-22 03:06:42

Ouch, poor Katrina, waiting for an hour...

Haha, I totally agree with your comments on Naruto. Sasuke, Naruto, Sakura........=______=;;
» Sylphie on 2007-02-22 02:11:37



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