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Love & Peace!! (Yeah I just got done watching some Trigun...)
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All entries for 2006
12/26/2006: My 3 day weekend.

12/23/2006: Gift giving.

12/22/2006: Mind of Mencia


12/16/2006: Where have I been?

12/09/2006: Only the minimum.

12/08/2006: untitled

12/07/2006: untitled

12/05/2006: Public restroom experience.

12/04/2006: Closer to my goal!

12/02/2006: Baffled.

12/01/2006: Where has my week gone?

12/01/2006: Why me?

11/30/2006: Wash your hands.

11/28/2006: Something is very wrong...

11/25/2006: Do you dream in different languages?

11/22/2006: Sex, deception and Taiwanese vs. Japanese.

11/22/2006: Psychos, houses and mother-in-laws who can be considered psycho.

11/20/2006: Big trucks + me driving = 90% change of accident

11/17/2006: Blogmad.net

11/16/2006: WTF!

11/15/2006: Angel and Vic Zhou

11/15/2006: Vengeance is best served slow.

11/14/2006: There needs to be a time limit rule...

11/13/2006: Mars.

11/10/2006: Where is the rain!

11/09/2006: The cleaning ninja!

11/08/2006: Confession is good for the soul.

11/07/2006: Over priced movies and kids.

11/06/2006: Marie Antoinette.

11/03/2006: Uneasiness

11/02/2006: Dirty looks...

11/02/2006: Menopause Fairy where are you?

11/01/2006: WOOT!!

10/31/2006: All in a name...

10/31/2006: I feel the love!

10/30/2006: Personal space.

10/29/2006: Finally done!

10/29/2006: Password protected recipe.

10/28/2006: Almost there.

10/27/2006: Appropriate gifts.

10/27/2006: untitled

10/26/2006: Behold the power of QVC!

10/25/2006: Do you want fries with that?

10/24/2006: Random thoughts.

10/20/2006: Fickle and can’t seem to learn...

10/18/2006: I want...

10/13/2006: Finding happiness in hectic times.

10/11/2006: Being responsible SUCKS!!

10/04/2006: And then there was none...

09/30/2006: Only to be single...

09/22/2006: Free at last!

09/14/2006: My mom always did tell me not to stare at people...

09/12/2006: Manga, homeless, Jun <3 and lack of sleep.

09/10/2006: Karma.

09/07/2006: His ears must have been burning.

09/06/2006: Bangs head against wall...

08/31/2006: Hot water.

08/22/2006: No pain, no gain!

08/17/2006: Mixed feelings...

08/15/2006: Buyer beware and why I dislike UPS!

08/09/2006: Hobo Stew.

08/07/2006: Oh to be so close and yet so far away...

08/06/2006: "I long for you." It's a compound of love with zero impurities.

08/05/2006: In need of a maid...anyone willing to work for free?

08/04/2006: Say WHAT?!

08/03/2006: Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho…Back to work I go!

08/02/2006: Is there a doctor in the house?

11/17/2006 12:58 PM

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Changed song lyrics to something more...fitting of the topic and because I have the movie on my mind. XD I did cut out some of the chorus though.


Katrina loves money.. Well, who don't?
» Nuttz on 2006-11-17 07:56:19

I signed up but it says that my blog doesn't work. Grrr! It's so easy, if only my site worked! *whine*
» Silver-dot- on 2006-11-19 01:46:37

Well... Do I really ahve to go like 10 blogs every 5 mins?? Maybe I will try it out
» Xboyz on 2006-11-19 07:28:08

...I have already signed up... But I dont know how to use it T_T.. HELP..
» Xboyz on 2006-11-20 04:28:29

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